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Inner City Kids is a street culture themed, turn based strategy game for PS Vita that follows a group of friends who, upon discovering that the city’s adults are being kidnapped and replaced by robots every evening, team up to fight for their city. They soon discover that the plot goes much deeper than they expected — quite literally! Explore the city and the robot dungeons below on a quest to stop the whole city from being overrun by the evil automatons. Create new weapons to suit your play style from tens of thousands of different combinations of modules that are collected throughout the game, and explore open levels to discover new secrets, missions and weapon modules.


Jamo Games was founded in 2012 by James Biddulph. Based in Birmingham, Jamo Games has been funded by client work so far, and James has created pixel art for games on PC, iOS, and the sides of buildings over New York. Inner City Kids will be our first major release.


  • A street culture themed adventure, feat. turn based combat
  • Modular weaponry gives tens of thousands of different strategies and weapon combinations.
  • An original CHIP HOP soundtrack by Rob Allen(Pure Pool,PS4 2014)
  • Open plan levels emphasise discovery and exploration


There are currently no trailers available for Inner City Kids. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!




Selected Articles

  • "Inner City Kids, taking sci-fi strategy gameplay and injecting it with a dose of street attitude"
    - Matt Kamen, Wired, Website
  • "first look at the futuristic street culture adventure from Jamo Games"
    - Official Playstation, Website
  • "The game looks extremely interesting and a great fit for the Vita"
    - Vita Boys, Vitaboys.net
  • "it looks good as heck."
    - Destructoid, Website
  • "this is a Game of the Year contender of 2015"
    - Roberto Nieves, Niche Gamer, Website

About Jamo Games

Jamo Games is a Birmingham UK based games development company started by James Biddulph. The latest release of Jamo Games is The Botanist, a game where every word, in every language, grows a different plant. It is out now on Steam, for PC.

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Inner City Kids Credits

James Biddulph
Game Design and development

Rob Allen
Music, Etch

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks