Hello, thanks for stopping by.

My name is James Biddulph, also known as Jamo. I make short, strange games for people who want to experience new, complete games, from start to finish, without ever wasting your precious time. My goal is to work out how to blend narrative and gameplay together seamlessly, so your actions are indistinguishable from how the game plays out.

Games designed to live with you much longer than their run time, that won’t outstay their welcome, or fill up time with tasks to simulate productivity.

I design games openly, and welcome feedback, through Twitter or Discord. You can read my journal on this website.

You can learn more about my projects by exploring the menu on the left. If you want to play something, I recommend The Botanist, a game where every word in every language grows a different plant, and it is your job to discover and catalogue them.

Welcome to Jamo Games.