Jamo Games is an independent games company.

I founded Jamo Games to create games for people who love to play, but might not have quite as much time as they would like to enjoy their favourite titles (sound familiar?).

The titles may change a lot as I work toward knowing exactly what Jamo Games 'is', but my aim is to create polished, engaging video games that you can enjoy alone, or with friends, in what precious free time you have. Games that treat that time with care.

I do the bulk of development, but don't believe that any game is truly the result of one person. I rely on support from family, friends, musicians, playtesters, twitter followers, all sorts of amazing people to help these games become a reality.

I look forward to working with you!


Jamo Games

THE BOTANIST (Out now on Steam!)

Every word is a seed.
The Botanist is an optimistic game about plants.
Collect and curate a seed catalogue all your own, where every word in the world will grow a different plant
Complete request and build your reputation, to try to become a professional Botanist.


Inner City Kids


Inner City Kids is a street culture themed turn based strategy game that follows a group of kids who, upon discovering that the city's adults are being kidnapped and replaced by robots every evening, team up to fight for their city.
It features modular weaponry and is in development for PC and PS Vita.