Echo Terminal

Echo Terminal is a survival horror puzzle game, in which you play as a security officer, who works in a research lab. You sit at your desk, using your security terminal as you always do, when things start to go horribly wrong! Help people to escape from the lab by using your monitors and map to guide them through the horrors.

Echo Terminal is designed with a PS1 aesthetic in mind. It is influenced by classic titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but with a mechanic that you haven’t played before. It tries to bring survival horror back to a time when horror games where still experimenting with unusual mechanics. A time when tension was just as important as jump scares.

Echo Terminal Mechanics

The game is simple to play and doesn’t require twitch reflexes. But you will need brains and bravery to survive this adventure!


Your Echo Terminal is able to send an ‘Echo’ from the badge of any scientist in the facility. If this echo hits something living, it will ping it onto your map. But, you rely on cameras within the badges themselves to see what is out there. That ping on your map could be a person in need, or a friendly face. It could be something evil.

You are able to give commands to the people within the facility to help them escape, but you can’t directly control them. The facility is terrifying, and they need your help to survive. But don’t forget, you are in there too…

Get Updates

The game is currently in development, you can view the development log for more updates.

Echo Terminal is in open development, which means that every week, from prototype to release, progress will be shown openly and honestly. This means that you can expect regular updates and behind the scenes info. Get a look at the problems faced by a solo game developer trying to make indie games, and give important feedback on the final product.

If you want to be involved in the development process and chat with the developer Jamo, join the official Discord.