Things have been quiet on the blog, as I’ve been working on something new. I didn’t want to talk about it until I felt more sure of it. So a few things to cover.

New Project

I’ve been working on the ‘Living Novel’ system. A pretty cool hybrid of novel and video game. Think of a choose your own adventure if it used tricks like procedural generation and more complex variables than a piece of paper. It’s pretty cool!

Currently this is my main project, along with something that I’ve always enjoyed, but is new to me, writing fiction. Specifically, speculative fiction and horror. I’ve been writing short stories and submitting them to various publications in the hope of getting them out there. No luck just yet but I’m happy with my work, and they will make their way onto my new website soon.

My new website for my horror fiction and Living Novels is

Jamo Games Projects

There are a few reasons that my new project is separate from Jamo Games. I’m not giving up on any Jamo Games projects and it is as important to me as ever. I will keep working on them, and I will keep on doing client work. I am, however, having a rest for a while to do something different.

I realised how much I need a break and to do something that is really just for me. I get to a certain point in a project where it becomes bug fixing and polish, and I do struggle with this part. Not because I can’t or don’t want to do it, but because it’s what I spend all day doing at work. Spending all day fixing problems only to come home and face more of the same is just too much, and badly dents my motivation. I’m lucky to get to make games all day, but have a limit on how much I can handle.

I’m also trying to work on smaller projects that I can release quickly, like my short stories. The Living Novel system, when it is complete, should also allow me to release ‘short story’ form living novels too, without having to debug the system each time (this might not work in practice).

If my new stuff sounds interesting then please check out the website. It is bare bones right now but there is an email list that you can sign up to for updates.