Jamo Games is a Birmingham UK based games development company started by James Biddulph in 2012.

The latest major release of Jamo Games is The Botanist, a game where every word, in every language, grows a different plant. It is out now on Steam, for PC. The most recent release is Deck The Halls, a Christmas game about putting up decorations with a Tinsel Cannon. Deck The Halls has a donation based payment model, so that people who might not be able to afford a new game around Christmas can still get something new to play.

Pixelartcommissions.com is a site run by Jamo Games. It is a popular website where people can commission pixel art for games, posters, branding etc. Pixel art created by Jamo Games can be seen on all major modern game platforms, as well as on cd covers, posters, and several popular YouTube channels.